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Dr Noordin Darus

Dr. Noordin Darus is a Malaysian businessman and entrepreneur who formed DND World. DND World specialises on the wellness and healthcare industries and offers a variety of goods and services in those particular fields.

Having worked in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years, Dr. Noordin has knowledge in many facets of the industry, including operations, marketing, and research and development. He has a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Malaya, a trained Sports Medicine Specialist from London, United Kingdom and former Director of Science and Sports Medicine at the National Sports Council (MSN) amongst others. He is a  Leading Health and Wellness Motivation Specialist, author of a few books on Health and Wellness and Founder of the concept of 'The Art of Total Wellness'. 

DND World was established in 2007 to increase the general public's access to and affordability of healthcare. The company offers screening services and health supplements in addition to alternative therapies.

Dr. Noordin is well known for his charity activity, especially in the medical and educational spheres. He is a passionate advocate for healthy living and is frequently asked to talk about wellness and healthcare at events and conferences. DND World is now a significant player in Malaysia and Southeast Asia's wellness and healthcare industries because to his vision and leadership. The company continues to grow under his direction, improving the local community's health and wellness in the process.

Dr. Noordin Darus has also experienced firsthand the advantages of the products provided by DND World. 2012 saw the second time that he received a cancer diagnosis. When he first developed cancer in 2001, he underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. However, this second time, he has decided to use a natural treatment approach and supplements.

Rx Water served as the foundation of his natural treatment. Alkaline water that has been infused with minerals and antioxidants is known as Rx-Water. According to Dr. Noordin Darus, Rx Water enabled him to balance his body's acidity, eliminate toxins, and assist his body's natural healing process.

One of the natural remedies that he continuously used even after recovering is Sacha Inchi oil, which is a plant-based oil that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. Dr. Noordin Darus believes that Sacha Inchi oil helped him to maintain his energy levels, reduce inflammation, and support his overall well-being during his treatment.

The importance of wellness and the role of natural foods in preserving health and well-being, as well as Dr. Noordin Darus' own experience with cancer and the use of complementary natural therapies throughout his treatment, have served to further support his beliefs in these matters. In addition to sharing his experience and urging others to follow suit, he believes that taking these products helped him in his battle with cancer.

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